Brand name handbags   If you spot a brand name handbag at the replica nhl jerseys thrift store, snap it up and list it on eBay. Some handbag brands to keep an eye out for include Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. A great place to pick these up are thrift stores near wealthier suburbs.

The real  company is no longer producing these interesting watches, wholesale cheap nhl jerseys but a Chinese company makes watches with the " Sozvezdie" name on them. Search for "Russian watch" on ebay and you're likely to find a ton of these imposters pop up. There is simply nothing Russian about them.  has a history nhl jerseys china as the supplier of watches to the Soviet and Russian militaries, so the often cartoonish military themed dials attract a lot of buyers. Either hand wound or automatic, these watches are cheap to buy (as low as $15 20 used, under $50 new), robust and with some adjustment, accurate. The most prized are the Soviet era ones, as they are purported to be of higher quality than recently produced ones. Most prized of all are the ones made specifically for the military. These models can be identified by the "Zakaz Mo CCCP"   "by order of the Ministry of Defense"   written on the bottom of the dial. These models went through added quality control and could only be sold through military stores that were not open to the general public. The Soviet era models fetch a premium, with really nice "Zakaz" examples reaching into the hundreds of dollars. Still to be found for around $60 70 new, this watch features a true diving ability of 200 meters. Older models from the 1960s 1980s often featured hand wound movements, all the new ones are usually automatics. There are several permutations of cases styles and dials, so there is much to attract most buyers interested in Russian watches. There are now even updated versions of this model (more accurately called "Amfibia"), and reproductions of the first  model from 1967. Aesthetically, these new models can be appealing, but they can run into the hundreds of dollars.

First of all let us say that while the world an particularly the Internet seem swamped with counterfeit merchandise, in Italy we hardly see any. This is due to the fact that there is plenty of authentic merchandise and profits to be made in Italy that counterfeits are not needed to begin with. Also, most wholesale dealers here in Italy are old fashioned warehouses with the goods "on the floor" and paid for. These businesses have often 20 or more years of activity. No one can sell fakes by the wholesale and stay in business this long.